Arizona Tattoo Removal

Arizona Tattoo Removal

All Skin Types

Our method works on all skin types, including darker skin or dark skin.

Faster and Less Painful

The treatment is less painful and faster than other methods of tattoo removal because our technique draws ink on the surface of the skin.

Less Sessions

The results are visible in 4-6 treatments, while laser can take 10-20 sessions and result in more expensive costs.

All Ink Colors

The treatment effectively removes all ink colors, while the laser removes only the black and blue.

Latest Technologies

We use the latest in technology without using laser to remove your tattoo more effectively.

Minimizes Scarring

Our product minimizes scarring to enhance the healing process.

  The Leader in Non Laser Tattoo Removal  

Clean Office

We maintain a clean, sterile and organized office to assure that our procedures are hygienic and done in a secure manner.

Educated Staff

Our staff is knowledgeable in non-laser tattoo removal. Thank you for choosing Arizona Tattoo Removal clinic. We appreciate your business.

Excellent Communication

We will answer all your questions. If you need to contact us we will get back to you as quickly as possible during our business hours.

Contact Us

If you have an inquiry, please fill out the form. Whether you want to make an appointment or ask for information about our treatments, we will be happy to assist you.

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